Paul One puts the squeeze on the Kid. Tight defense along the boards allowed the underdogs to keep their rivals' scoring snipers in check all game to set up their overtime win, 28-26.


Week 3
Squeezed in OT

Game ends when the fat guy scores

by Jay Suburb

For the third time in as many weeks, Sunday's winner was decided in overtime. But the outcome may actually have been etched in the game's opening moments.

When Giebelhaus knocked a short lead pass from Elvis between the pads of beleaguered backstop, Billy Idol, to give his team its dramatic 28-26 victory, it seemed an incredible outcome for a side facing the formidable scoring sensations, Lak Attack and the Kid. But a little confidence goes a long way.

With a lineup lacking the pure speed and scoring prowess of their opponents, the underdogs crashed the boards and drove hard to the net from the opening faceoff.

"It just boils down to who really wants the ball and who is going to go after it," says Giebelhaus, who scored two of his six goals in the first period, leading his side to a shocking 5-1 advantage at the first break.

"We were cocky and we were overconfident," says Wink of his side's slow start. "We had Lak and we had the Kid and we thought that was going to be enough."

But until his side was finally able to tie the game at 12, it hadn't been enough. By then the underdogs knew their foes were ripe for an upset.

"I think our team was pretty confident all the way along," says Giebelhaus. "The times we let them back into the game, it was because we suffered a lack of desire to go after the ball. It was just a matter of getting that back."

While Lak Attack and the Kid finally found their scoring touch through the game's second half, the underdogs never let the game out of reach, reeling their way back from two goal deficits, and twice battling from match point.

"You've got to try to play tight defense and make sure you don't make that stupid mistake," says Giebelhaus. "You're just trying to make sure the next goal goes into you opposition's net and not yours."

Giebelhaus' six goals were a career high. But they may be his last.
The flat-footed forward, who's been hobbled most of his career by
knee injuries and questionable fitness, may be forced into early retirement by an exploitative employer determined to make his life miserable.
But if Sunday's game was his last, said Giebelhaus, it was a sweet swansong.
"Everybody thinks I'm a little slower than I actually am out there. But I like to play as hard as I can, keep my shifts short and just make sure when I'm out there that I contribute."
And that's just what he did, said Wink. "Giebelhaus played real hard. You've got to give it to them, they played well."

With Lobsterboy on his annual worldwide scouting mission until early November, Ottoman still enjoying unsanctioned sex and Pig Farming Goalie an unexpected scratch, Sunday's game was a battle of backup ballstoppers.
ER, an emergency callup from the afternoon game who'd filled in similarly for a few games last year, stoned Lak Attack and the Kid early to give his team the chance to establish their own offensive game, and then came up big again in overtime, robbing Wink on a dramatic rush that could have been the game-winner.
"We just couldn't bury that last goal," said the notorious gameshow host gone bad. "We missed some key chances at the end. We lost the game by inches."
At the other end, Billy Idol struggled early in his second start of the young season.
"It takes me a bit to get warmed up," said the occasional creaseminder. "I feel like I let the guys down. When you've got guys who can play this well, and shoot this well, you've got to be on your game from the start."

Sunday's game was delayed as the team's worked out a controversial trade to try to even out a worrisome scoring imbalance. With two of the game's most dangerous snipers already lined up on the same side of the court, Nibs was sent to the underdogs for future considerations.
And while the slapshooting sophomore struggled most of the game, the deal had its intended effect.
"I think had we not made the switch that gave us the extra guy to change off, we would have really gotten blown out," said Giebelhaus. "I'd much rather have a seesaw game, go into overtime, because at that point it doesn't really matter who wins because it's just a great game."