The spirited play of a determined Elvis on Sunday was no match for the tight checking of Wink, as the fiesty forward battled his way back into the win column, 20-17.


Week 23
Elvis battles back

Star scorer overcomes slippery court to end slump

by Jay Suburb

Neither rain, nor sleet nor snow were going to keep Elvis from posting his first win in a month. Sunday, he had to overcome all three to lead his team to a 20-17 victory.

As defenders slid and tumbled on the slippery concrete court, slicked by overnight snow, early morning sleet and persistent drizzle through the game, Elvis patrolled his wing with surefooted precision and battled the boards with abandon.

"You've just got to keep giving it your all," says Elvis of his gritty determination to break free of the losing lodestone that had weighed him heavily for the past four games. "There's not much you can do except keep trying, keep shooting."

Four times his shots handcuffed Lobsterboy.

"When Elvis gets his game on, watch out," says the shelled shotstopper of his nemesis. "He's fast, he's buzzing. It was tough for my defense to catch up with him."

"I think I was just getting the lucky bounces," says Elvis. "They can go your way and they can go against you. They went against me for quite awhile, and they're finally going the other way."

Although early in Sunday's game, it seemed fortune would never go Elvis' way, as his side was consistently caught up court and flatfooted, allowing their speedy opponents to freewheel around a beleaguered Pig Farming Goalie.

"On the slippery surface, players have to be ready, and we weren't at beginning of game," says the sophomore shotstopper.

At the end of the first period, his side was down 5-0, and their frustration was palpable.

"It was tough," says Pig Farming Goalie. "First five goals I was pummelled with shots, it was wave after wave."

But Elvis didn't lose his focus. He was determined to turn the game, and his season, around.

"If you don't think you're gonna win, it's kinda hard to win," says the feisty forward.

The addition of Unabomber, who had arrived late, seemed to spark the underachievers. The bearded blaster brought a new dimension to his side's anemic offense, a goal-scoring threat from the point.

"I think Unabomber give us a bit more options," says Pig Farming Goalie. "He has dangerous shot, so players are looking for that. Whenever you have players with multi talents, it's harder to defend against them."

"Usually you get one or two players to worry about," says Lobsterboy. "But in a game like this, they had great shots, great tic-tac-toe passes."

And newfound scoring chances. Elvis found the net. So did Paul One and Lak Attack. Even Gump chipped in. The underachievers took their first lead, 11-10. They never trailed again.

"I knew we were going to come back," says Gump, who played his first game as a forward in a month. "I think we just got in their head once we started coming back. They started to fall apart a little bit."

"Once we started to believe we could win, it all came together," says Elvis.

The Stick Pull (Living Legend)
Pig Farming Goalie(G) Lobsterboy(G)
Lak Attack Wink
Paul One Rudy
Cowboy Bill Bird
Living Legend Kid
Gump Nibs
Unabomber Billy Idol
Scratches: Slick (legal problems), Beetle Boy (fear of weather), Colonel (unsanctioned injury), Giebelhaus (exploitative employer), Ottoman (unsanctioned sex)


The slick courts were a challenge for both teams as many of the roadsters fought a losing battle to stay upright.
"It was really trecherous out there," said Lobsterboy, who was caught out of position a number of times after taking an unexpected tumble. "It's unpredictible. You never know when you're going to lose your footing, so you've got to play more cautious."
"I'm not sure about the other guys, but my footing is always terrible," said Gump. "You just have to make sure you don't push up too far. You've got to hang back on defense a little bit more."
"With surface like this, you play whole game two-on-one, turnovers happen so quickly," said Pig Farm
ing Goalie. "You have to be able to turn around, we have to always have one guy back."

Even as Elvis' losing streak ended, a streak of another kind was beginning, as Cowboy Bill scored his second game-winning goal.
"Cowboy Bill definitely had an amazing game," said Elvis. "He's on a roll here. He's gonna be a threat moreso than anybody thought."
"He had knack on ball," said Pig Farming Goalie.
But his victim wasn't quite so generous.
"Garbage is garbage," said the creaseminding crustacean, who was caught out of position after making a diving save, leaving Cowboy Bill to bat home the rebound from the side of the net. "He's hanging around there, waiting to whack the ball."