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2018-19 Photo Archive

Week 17: Kid 2.0 pays fitness price

Week 13: Frosty full-court game a first

Week 10: Past brings new hope for game's future

Week 7: Colonel's comeback greeted cautiously

Week 6: Too soon for game's aloha

Week 2: Roadsters adapt to depleted rosters

Week 1: Roadsters defy doubters

2017-18 Photo Archive

Stanley Stick Game 2: Finale feels like 'unfinished business'

Stanley Stick Game 1: Joker's tantrum clouds soggy Stick opener

Week 23: Lak misses chance to attack

Week 20: Pistol and Joker

Week 18: Loss squanders Big D's outburst

Week 13: Sunny skies put Sunday's losers in black hole

Week 12: Lack of shots costs Scooby and his gang

Week 10: Winners full measure after half-court warmup

Week 9: Velma cold after return from Iceland

Week 5: Half-court game no joke for goalie

Week 2: Cowboy Bill has an impact in comeback

Midsummer scrimmage: Tradition excites roadsters to start season

2016-17 Photo Archive

Stanley Stick Game 2: Kid's Conn Stick caps comeback season

Stanley Stick Game 1: Speed gives advantage to Doo and mates

Week 25: Doo's return fires up regular season finale

Week 24: Roadsters rue readiness for Stanley Stick

Week 22: Veteran play leads to sudden death winner

Week 21: Rust belt duo buries creaky opponents in soggy showdown

Week 17: Home game makes everyone a winner

Week 16: Sun shines on silver season's second half

Week 11: Roadsters dig out before digging in

Week 8: Another big loss rattles Joker

Week 6: Tidal wave of goals drowns Joker and mates

Week 5: Luck beats skill in overtime

Week 4: Veteran outlast upstarts 10-4

Week 1:Quick shots a winning recipe in season opener

Preseason: Lak Attack's return to crease "like a magic trick"

Preseason: Dr. Joker and Mr. Hyde

Silver anniversary to be a season-long Heritage Classic

Midsummer scrimmage: Summer scrimmage takes twin twist

2015-16 Photo Archive

Stanley Stick Game 2: Doo gets it done

Stanley Stick Game 1: Winners wear down overmatched opponents

Week 23: Bam Bam's return a battle

Week 22: Cleveland rocks comeback win

Week 21: Lack of luxuries give game mystique

Week 18: No lead safe enough in wild game

Week 17: Shots swing momentum back to winners

Week 16: Rookies run roughshod in 15-7 rout

Week 14: Youngblood's hattrick sparks comeback win

Week 13: Wink blasts team to victory

Week 12: Slick surface stifles scorers

Week 10: Joker overcomes mid-game swoon

Week 7: Carmen electric in her Sunday Morning debut

Week 4: Experience pays off in half court win

Week 2: Veteran cashes in offensive opportunities

Week 1: Big D contributes plenty of O

Midsummer scrimmage: Chico spins his way back into lineup

2014-15 Photo Archive

Stanley Stick Game 2: Stanley Stick champions hang on not to lose

Stanley Stick Game 1: Depleted rosters take toll in Stick opener

Week 22: Goalie worries cloud rainy regular season finale

Week 21: Eight Ball snookers scorers

Week 18: Doo wins Hanna-Barbera duel

Week 17: Chico's pain in the neck persists

Week 13: Drought-busting goal sparks win

Week 12: Mirror goals seal OT win

Week 10: Gapping the generations

Week 9: Speedy youngsters make short work of vets

Week 8: Eight Ball racks up first win

Week 6: Doo gets it done

Week 5: Joker gets the last laugh

Week 4: Veterans spark underdogs' win

Week 2: Bam Bam's early exit deflates mates

Week 1: Goalie change sparks comeback

Preseason: Compressed training camp shows off speed, competitiveness

Midsummer Scrimmage: Turning up the heat

2013-14 Photo Archive

Stanley Stick Game 2: Champions defy disadvantages

Stanley Stick Game 1: Rout fails to rouse confidence

Week 22: Yak attack snuffs comeback

Week 20: Attack fizzles after Lak leaves

Week 17: Twizzler deals decisive blows

Week 15: Faces of pain

Week 14: Bam bangs winner

Week 12: Goalie's offensive acumen no joke

Week 11: Lak on attack motivates mates

Week 10: Lak stifles attack

Week 9: Angry Colonel awakens team

Week 7: Missed opportunities prove costly

Week 5: Weathering doldrums

Week 3: Middle men

Preseason: Rookie redux

Midsummer Scrimmage: Bombs away

2012-13 Photo Archive

Stanley Stick Game 2: Stanley Stick a fight for survival

Stanley Stick Game 1: Weather twist fails to turn tide

Week 24: Lak goes on attack

Week 22: A tale of two goalies

Week 21: Holt sparks win

Week 20: Real work begins for Chico

Week 19: Transition to victory

Week 18: Chico and the plan

Week 16: Chico battling to get back

Week 15: Command performance

Week 14: Rain men

Week 13: Winning patiently

Week 11: Comeback slips away

Week 10: Shell-abration

Week 9: Yak spins to win

Week 8: Bad bounce buries comeback

Week 6: Singing praise for the unsung heroes

Week 5: Lak thwarts attack

Week 4: Deked and confused

Week 2: Scooby stacks side

Pre-season: Playing for a cause

Pre-season: Colonel pitches pre-season battles

Midsummer Scrimmage: Beetle Boy heats up comeback

2011-12 Photo Archive

Week 24: Stanley Stick Game 2: One for all and all for win

Week 23: Stanley Stick Game 1: Rolling to a comeback win

Week 22: Doo kept in check

Week 21: Chico tirade sparks win

Week 20: Gump stumped by Legend

Week 19: Bing goes Crosby with six

Week 18: Colonel's big day out

Week 17: Colonel plays for both teams

Week 15: Bing thing sparks team

Week 14: Dung in by Beetle

Week 13: (Dis)advantage

Week 12: Icy triumph

Week 9: Triumph of the wile

Week 8: Veterans wait out win

Week 6: Whole-hearted effort

Week 5: Shorthanded goals salt away victory

Week 4: Redfaced mistake costs Colonel and mates

Week 2: Turning the tide

Week 1: Doo-bleheader victories

Pre-season: A Classic goaltenders' duel

Pre-season opener: The early advantage

2010-11 Photo Archive

Stanley Stick Game 2: Legend-ary victory

Stanley Stick Game 1: Series advantage slips away

Week 27: Dog tired

Week 25: Patience pays off

Week 24: One for the aged: Legend scores eight

Week 22: Chico marks his man

Week 21: Scooby gang speeds to victory

Week 20: PFG's comeback a snowy success

Week 19: Veteran moves salvages win

Week 18: Scooby and gang skin win

Week 17: Scooby gang toothless against vets

Week 16: Spare crisis

Week 15: Gump and Legend spark comeback

Week 14: Gump sticks hat trick

Week 13: Velma slays in return

Week 12: Lak swallows attack

Week 11: No rest for Chico

Week 10: Sudden Doo or die

Week 9: Mystery machine well-tuned

Week 7: Kid sizzles on cold court

Week 6: No Hollywood ending for Gump's comeback

Week 5: Roadsters rally for hobbled Hall of Famer

Week 4: Doo's 11 goals get it done

Season opener: Chico is the man

Pre-season scrimmage gives players edge

Mid-summer eve scrimmage

2009-10 Photo Archive

Week 27: Stanley Stick Game 2:Unabomber defuses comeback

Week 26: Stanley Stick Game 1:Underdogs hope to ride Cowboy's return

Week 25: Stanley Stick preview: Goalie consistency is key

Week 24: Late season lull puts Stick in peril

Week 22: Velma vanquishes Scooby Doo rivals

Week 21: Fear focuses foes

Week 20: Lack of attack sparks comeback

Week 19: Lak Attack and mates weahter storm

Week 17: Legend turns back the calendar

Week 16: Colonel takes charge

Week 14: Doo's mates can't get it done

Week 13: Lak Attack leads comeback sprint

Week 12: Colonel's atonement falls just short

Week 11: Long shots make for short work

Week 10: Colonel's shrimp ring pain

Week 9: Slipping Away

Week 8: Special report, cold presents new challenges

Week 7: Legging out a win

Week 6: Chairmen of the boards

Week 5: Special report, courts take toll on sticks

Week 4: Gump gives team a chance

Week 3: Favorites need total team effort

Week 2: Roadsters reject indoor move

Season opener: Man dis-advantage

Preseason: Goalies take advantage

Preseason: Roadsters bounce back

2008-09 Photo Archive

Stanley Stick Game 2: Exorcising ghosts of Sticks past

Stanley Stick Game 1: Halfway effort gets them halfway there

Stanley Stick Preview: Setting up for the Stick

Week 19: A hard way to win

Week 18: Happily never after

Week 17: Doo-ing what it takes

Week 16: Whither Wink

Week 15: Taking advantage

Week 14: Lak-ing attack

Week 13: Twisting the day away

Week 12: Winning the waiting game

Week 11: Overcoming a Lak of defense

Week 10: Gump delivers soggy win

Week 9: Idol's confidence comeback

Week 8: Shrimp ring fuels shovel brigade

Week 7: Doing the hustle

Week 6: Gump's winning ticket

Week 5: Twizzler unraveled by rival

Week 4: Young season at crossroads

Week 3: Colonel shuts up shooters

Season opener: Seeing eye surprise

Pre-season: A Scrappy way to win

Pre-season: Wendel's comeback comeuppance

Mid-summer eve scrimmage

2007-08 Photo Archive

Stanley Stick Game Two

Stanley Stick Game One

Stanley Stick Preview

Week 28

Week 27

Week 26

Week 25

Week 24

Week 23

Week 22

Week 21

Week 20

Week 18

Week 17

Week 16

Week 15

Week 14

Paul None: A special report

Week 12

Week 11

Week 9

Week 8

Week 7

Week 6

Week 5

Week 4

Week 3

Week 1


Mid-summer eve scrimmage

2006-07 Photo Archive

Stanley Stick Game 2

Stanley Stick Game 1

Stanley Stick Preview

Week 23

Week 21

Week 20

Week 19

Week 18

Week 17

Week 16

Week 15

Week 14

Week 13

Week 12

Week 11

Week 9

Week 8

Week 7

Week 3

Week 2

Week 1

Preseason game 1

2005-06 Photo Archive

Stanley Stick Game 2

Stanley Stick Game 1

Stanley Stick Preview

Week 17

Week 16

Week 15

Week 14

Week 13

Week 12

Week 11

Week 10

Week 9

Week 8

Week 7

Week 6

Week 5

Week 4

Week 3

Week 1

Preseason game 1

2004-05 Photo Archive

Stanley Stick Game Two: Lak spells relief

Stanley Stick Game One: Grit not enough

Stanley Stick Preview: Comeback sets stage

Week 24: Season heats up

Week 23: Idol wins game, while Elvis scores

Week 22: Wink one-hands way to win

Week 21: New Kid on the block

Week 20: Goal breaks drought, brings win

Week 19: Kid cries for stick, loss

Week 18: Cowboy ropes win

Week 17: Hard work earns win

Week 16: Soft goals make for hard loss

Week 15: Kid conquers frustration

Week 14: Sneaky Kid leads offense

Week 13: Beetle bugs out

Week 12: Snow fails to ice Shrimp Ring

Week 11: Vital Idol

Week 10: Pig Farmer answers crease call

Week 9: Ottoman stones opponents

Week 8: Leap of faith

Week 7: Pig Farmer sows win

Week 6: Moral victory for scoreboard losers

Week 5: Strolling to victory

Week 4: Confidence booster

Week 3: Shooters turn tourney

Week 2: Billy bags first win

Week 1: Extending the pain

Preseason: Nibs nets nine

Preseason: MPV lives up to title

Midsummer's Eve road hockey game

2003-04 Photo Archive

Stanley Stick Game Two: Rude-ys squeak out win

Stanley Stick Game One: Taking creative control

Stanley Stick Preview: Dynamic duel

Week 31: Cowboy Bill rides again

Week 30: Rudy paces comeback

Week 29: Lobsterboy's patience pays off

Week 27: Back from the brink

Week 26: Pig Farmer makes his case

Week 25: Bird takes flight

Week 24: Last shift letdown

Week 23: Gunned down

Week 22: Emotion extinguisher

Week 21: Marine assault

Week 20: Mid-game meltdown

Week 19: Early Bird leads the way

Week 18: Lak leads attack

Week 17: Unlikely dribbler unleashes flood

Week 16: One ends two streaks

Week 15: Lak shuts out attack

Week 14: Winning with control

Week 13: Double trouble

Week 12: Shrimp Ring shiver

Week 11: Waiting for the goals

Week 10: Backstop's boozy bender backfires

Week 9: Comeback shuts up New Guy

Week 8: Ironman streak ends

Week 7: Bitter defeat

Week 6: Back in black

Week 5: Slowing down to come back

Week 4: Rudy faces fear

Week 3: Linemates trigger young gun

Week 2: Lak languishes

Week 1: Elvis rocks, team rolls


2002-03 Archive

2002-03 Stanley Stick Game Two

2002-03 Stanley Stick Game One

Week 33: Stanley Stick Preview

Week 32: Sticking it out

Special Report: Simply the best

Week 30: Crowd management

Week 29: Nibs nets nine

Week 28: Rainy returns

Week 27: Kid sets the pace

Week 26: Fairly foul

Week 25: Dream win

Week 24: Six-Pack slaughter

Week 23: Elvis battles back

Week 22: Cowboy busts out

Week 21: One for the ages

Week 20: Keeping their composure

Week 19: Rudy rebounds

Week 18: Blasting back

Week 17: Double trouble

Week 16: Elvis' blues

Week 15: Tough enough

Week 14: Nibs' shellfish feast

Week 13: Friend or foe

Week 12: Ball-breaker

Week 11: Saved by the 'dog

Week 10: One goes 0 for 2

Week 9: Pondering the pile

Week 8: Warming up to win

Week 7: Slipping from history

Week 6: Spoiling the plan

Week 5: Top of the pops

Week 4: Inconsolable

Week 3: Squeezed in OT

Week 2: Against the wall

Week 1: Back to defend

Training camp report: Rocked by the 'haus

Pre-season special report: Wink ponders end

2001-02 Archive

2001-02 Stanley Stick Game Two

2001-02 Stanley Stick Game One

Week 34: Stanley Stick Preview

Week 33: Bugged by the heat

Week 32: Stepping it up

Week 31: Lobster surprise

Week 30: Tumbling to defeat

Week 29: Dousing desire

Week 28: Out of his shell

Week 27: Dogged comeback

Week 26: Bird chips in

Week 25: Crowded house

Week 24: Nibs nabs ten

Week 23: Mission accomplished

Week 22: Celebrating the game

Week 21: Crisis management

Week 20: Lak-ing defense

Week 19: Slipping his mind

Week 18: S'no game

Week 17: Shotstopper showdown

Week 16: The pause that refreshes

Week 15: No consolation

Week 14: Dervish takes a whirl

Week 13: Icing a victory

Week 12: Wet and woeful

Week 11: Lobsterboy's no Idol

Week 10: Back to the boiler

Week 9: Facing their fate

Week 8: Lobster leftover

Week 7: Sexboy announces retirement

Week 6: New breed battles bravely

Week 5: Lethal weapons

Week 4: Soggy saviors

Week 3: Callback controversy

Week 2: Bird takes flight

Week 1: Lak on the Attack

Training camp report: Kid makes manly moves

Pre-season special report: Pregnant pause

2000-01 Stanley Stick Game Two

2000-01 Stanley Stick Game One