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After joining the league as a Philbud once removed, Paul One quickly established himself as one of road hockey's most passionate, most versatile players. He could score in bunches, he backchecked with aplomb and he played net when called upon.

But, most significantly, he always raised his game to a new level when his team most needed him. Never was that more true than in the Stanley Stick, when Paul One was unmatched in his pursuit for the coveted chalice.

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One of Sunday Morning Road Hockey's greatest characters, Lobsterboy was also a great character player who played his biggest games in the season's biggest games. A career goaltender who played most of his games in the "small pad era," his style of play also motivated the game's first rule innovation to crack down on his proclivity for slowing the tempo of play by covering the evil orange plastic ball whenever it strayed behind his net.

In his long and storied career, Lobsterboy appeared at the courts as a lobster, a chicken, a pirate, and an odd spaceman in a shiny silver suit.

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One of Sunday Morning Road Hockey's original founding father's, Wink's long and glorious career faded to black with his achievement of officially sanctioned sex. But up until then, he was one of the game's most stalwart veterans, taking his position in the defensive zone in the rain and cold of winter as often as in the warm sunshine of spring. His steadfast dedication to the game was an inspiration to successive generations of young up-and-coming roadsters.

Wink led by example by readily taking new or inexperienced roadsters under his wing to instill in them a sense of responisibility in the defensive end. But he could also break a game open by connecting with his heavy, booming slapshot that blew past flinching goalies many times.

Though Wink has never officially announced his retirement, his absence from the court for most of the past two seasons has made him eligible for the game's ultimate honor, an esteemed place in the Sunday Morning Road Hockey Hall of Fame.

And his dedication will be recognized with a new award in his name, the Wink MVP Award, to be given to the league's most valuable player in the regular season, as voted by the players.

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On February 20, 1999, Goaltending Stalwart Wawrow became the first roadster to be inducted into the Sunday Morning Road Hockey Hall of Fame.

One of the game's original founding fathers, the Stalwart was just that, gamely taking his place between the pipes, facing down the sting of the evil orange plastic ball, week after week, mostly without the protection of pads through most of his storied career.

The Stalwart was automatically inducted into the Hall of Fame immediately upon his retirement to pursue a career opportunity in a new city.

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The end of Sunday Morning Road Hockey's ninth season also marked the end of Sniper Dave's road hockey career, as he retired to move to a new city.

Sniper Dave began his career late in Sunday Morning's first season at the old tennis courts, as one of the original Philbuds. Beneath his omnipresent baseball cap, pulled down low over his brow, and his easy-going demeanor, he quickly established himself as a pure goal scorer. His rapier shot could find the top corners over a goalie's shoulders with frightening accuracy, and he could singlehandedly break a game wide open.

He was also a steady back-up goalie, who wouldn't hesitate to strap on the pads when called upon to relieve a goalie crisis.

While Sniper Dave's ability to commit to the game waned in the twilight years of his career, as family and business commitments weighed in, he is honored in the Hall of Fame as one of Sunday Morning Road Hockey's most versatile players.

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